Autodesk Vault 2015 Service Pack 1 for Autodesk Vault Basic 2015, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2015, Autodesk Vault Professional 2015
  November, 2014

Release Notes - Readme file
Autodesk, Inc.

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released Autodesk Vault 2015 Service Pack 1 (Client) and Autodesk Vault 2015 Service Pack 1 (Server) for Autodesk Vault Basic 2015, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2015, and Autodesk Vault Professional 2015. The Service Pack fixes or addresses a variety of issues pertaining to those releases. This Service Pack 1 also contains all the previously released Hotfixes.

This README file highlights 
how to download the Service Pack, how to install the Service Pack and what has been fixed.

NOTE: Throughout this Readme document references to Vault 2015 will apply to Autodesk Vault Basic 2015, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2015 and Autodesk Vault Professional 2015.


          Locate the Autodesk Vault 2015 Service Pack 1 file at:  Autodesk Vault Services & Support


WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions properly may result in unusable sites. This procedure applies to Single Site, Multi Site and Connected Workgroup deployments.

NOTE: Always ensure that a successful backup has been performed before applying this Service Pack.

Client Service Pack 1 Installation - applicable to every Autodesk Vault Client 2015

  1. Run "Autodesk Vault 2015 Service Pack 1 (Client).msp" on the Vault Explorer client to install the Service Pack.

Server Service Pack 1 Installation - applied to every Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS)

  1. Open the ADMS Console.
  2. Make sure all databases are fully migrated to the latest version.
  3. Close the ADMS Console application.
  4. Restart the web service by typing 'iisreset' at the command prompt.
  5. Run “Autodesk Vault 2015 Service Pack 1 (Server).msp” on the ADMS server to install the Service Pack.
  6. Repeat the preceding steps for every ADMS server.

Database Update - applied ONCE from one Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS) instance as specified.

WARNING: DO NOT PROCEED until Service Pack 1 has been successfully applied on ALL ADMS and AVFS servers.

  1. Use the appropriate server and ADMS Console application.
  2. Restart the web service by typing 'iisreset' at the command prompt.
  3. Open the ADMS Console and perform the database migration.
  4. If necessary, attach any previously detached databases and allow the migration to complete.
NOTE: On Connected Workgroup environments, the SQL snapshot agent may not handle generating the initial snapshot. If this occurs, restart the SQL snapshot agent. 


ADMS - Server:
  1. Concurrency issues when assigning items for the same part simultaneously.
  2. Re-Index File Properties command does not work in silent mode.
  3. BOM parsing in replicated environment.
  4. Canned configs for Create Vault contain System Properties as User Defined Properties.
  5. 'Find by checksum' APIs perform poorly in some cases.
  6. Migration fails with “The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_ItemToComp_ComponentIterationID”.
  7. Unexpected exit in IIS server.
  8. Command line -S with -Oreindexfileproperties does not execute.
  9. Unexpected exit in server when processing DWGs and .DXFs concurrently.
  1. Changing Category of a file breaks the attachment relationship.
  2. Event Notification is not being emailed out in the Change Order process.
  3. ECO link not visible in the item details under "Change Order" tab.
  4. Warning message: Cannot fix reference when attempting to perform batch plotting in Vault Explorer.
  5. Error 1405 returned and unexpected exit in Vault explorer when closing the item dialogs.
  6. Unexpected exit when attempting to create property mapping within the Vault Explorer.
  7. Design Review is not installed error in Vault Explorer.
  8. Zero Checksum on files when Opening from Vault Explorer.
  9. Moving folder makes Vault explorer unresponsive and Folder rename errors.
  10. View in Window command opens an Inventor DWG in Inventor when no True View or Inventor View are present.
  11. Equivalence Value is showing incorrect information after Copy Design.
  1. Item for the selected file is not being updated when there is a child that's not assigned to an item yet.
  2. Update item not working.
  3. ‘Assign To’ on released components behavior.
  4. Index out of range for mapped numbering scheme for items.
  5. Performance issue on assign Item not associated with imported item.
  6. Unassigned Items is showing the wrong On/Off BOM Row value.
  7. Assign a new item starting from an assembly (BOM "phantom" type) returned a generic error.
  8. Released item should not be locked after an Update command.
  9. Item dialog loses connection after 2nd time Change Number.
  10. Object reference not set error returned when trying to edit multiple cells.
  11. Missing Expand All and Collapse All menu at Item Where Used tab.
  12. Creation of Search Report with old report template returns Reporting Error.
  13. Expand all of a BOM structure not expanding the turned off sub-assembly.
  14. Refreshing the Client shows different columns while Item Assign wizard is minimized.
  15. BOM tab columns removed after a refresh and save command.
  16. Assign / Update Item command failed to update items.
  17. Editing Items during a clear Item locks operation.
  18. Exit Edit Mode without saving changes causes unexpected exit.
  19. Two Clients editing Item in Replicated environment causes unexpected exit.
  20. Null BOM component row.
  21. Server is remembering an old association.
  22. Should not be able to Assign to a external component.
  23. Remove Association warning showing wrong filename.
  24. Error 1316 returned when assign item.
  25. BOM Multi-Level view collapses when add/remove BOM and Item properties via customize view.
  26. Database timeout during adding file to associated files list.
  27. Circular reference detected error returned twice and later causes unexpected exit.
  28. Could not save map / load map in Chinese version.
  29. Error 1322 return when canceling the Change Item Number dialog.
  30. Sorting in the History after Numeric Revision is not correct.
  31. Cannot insert into itself or its children error for AutoCAD Mechanical file when the file name and it assembly name are the same.
  32. Hit 'Illegal characters in path' when navigating an item with name ending in double quotation mark (").
  33. Cannot update a Child BOM Row where Child Item had read Only permission.
  34. Fix out-of-the-box property write mappings for Item "Number" property so that the "CreateNew" attribute is set to yes.
  35. Fix duplicate entityIds passed to Update Properties would result in the entity's properties being updated n times.
  36. Prevent the Edit Properties command from editing properties on items if an Item dialog is open in Edit mode.
  37. Prevent a unexpected exit on application exit when the item dialog is displayed.
  38. Allow drag/drop and copy/paste of files to locked items.
  39. An issue with edited property values on a new item (after an assign item).
  40. Fix Corrupted data in 2015 generated by known workflow.
  41. UpdateItemLifeCycleStates event missing on ItemService.
  42. Primary Subcomponent links are not downgraded when a root node links to the item.
  43. Import item is not ownership safe.
  44. Link is being set as Primary Subcomponent instead of Secondary Subcomponent when linking to an existing item.
  45. Unexpected exit when a 'Natural Sort' column is added to the BOM multi-level view.
  46. Assign Items to multiple files return error 1316.
  1. Content Search does not work for DWG file.
  1. 'Not in Vault' icon is not seen for a new file created with a name which exists in Vault - issue seen in a specific scenario.
  2. Unexpected Exit during loading and unloading of Add-ins.
  3. Unexpected exit while closing the files after generating iAssembly Members.
  4. Unexpected exit when using iCopy if Vault project is used.
  5. Inventor does not respond during Place From Vault.
Thin Client:
  1. Thin Client doesn't allow a user to download a visualization file from a released Item.
  2. To restrict users from downloading historical released file [when administrator had already restricted users to view only released files].
  3. Watermarks are not appearing in Item DWF prints.
  4. Sorting search result causes the result to be reset.
  5. Downloads at left portion of File Details is not getting the correct version of File as what is reflected.
  1. A failure is fixed for Revit Deep Indexing function when using a domain Impersonation user in Vault.
This Service Pack also includes these previously released Hotfixes:
  1. Civil 3D 2015 Vault Add in sheet set performance improved with faster large amount of sheet files processing. This fix needs Civil 3D 2015 SP2 which will be available soon. 
  2. Login taking time through Civil 3D 2015 Vault Add-in issue is resolved. Performance is also improved for Check in and Check out functions.  
  3. The Migration Failed. The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE.
  4. Unable to assign file to release item.
  5. Error 109 on Item Update.
  6. Splash Screen Always on Top while starting Vault Explorer.
  7. Ownership checking was not working for 'delete' workflows.
  8. Autosave in AutoCAD Mechanical after Vault check-in corrupts the file.
  9. Incorrect validation of password during login with unchecked "Read Only Access".
  10. Error 231 - The server is currently busy - while performing Copy Design on multiple clients.
  11. Inventor Start Up crash with Vault add-in.
  12. Connectivity.WorkspaceSync.exe is not working with Windows Authentication.
  13. Charts are not be seen when a report is generated in Data Mapping feature. This fix also needs Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Redistributable Package.
  14. Adding new content source providers is not replication-safe.
  15. Persistent IDs fail for large entity IDs.
  16. Assign To on BOM Tab for Grouped Row gives incorrect Quantities.
  17. Cannot display BOM tab with effective start date.
  18. Job Processor - InventorDwfPublishCount is not honored (Update Default Settings).
  19. Missing vertical scroll bar in plank and tile view at Thin Client.
  20. Event Notification is not being emailed out in the Change Order process.
  21. Electrical Reference Designator in Thin Client.

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