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Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Mudbox® 2018.1 Update.

This readme provides the latest information regarding the Mudbox installation. It is recommended that you read this entire document before you install Mudbox 2018.1 Update. For reference, you can save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.


Bugs Fixed in This Release

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Bugs Fixed in This Release

Defect ID Description
MDBX-653 Horizontal randomization does not produce symmetrical results
MDBX-680 Stencil thumbnail display gets corrupted when switching image file using Import
MDBX-766 The thumbnail of default VDM stencil is wrong in tray
MDBX-1587 When 3ds Max hotkeys are selected, Mudbox should zoom in and out in same way as Max
MDBX-1617 Object List window scrolls to the right automatically
MDBX-1708 Sculpt layer Mask brush does not respect Freeze
MDBX-1773 Hotkeys 1 through 9 do not correspond to last tool panel touched
MDBX-2025 Artifacts appear in 3D curve after subdividing the mixed mesh
MDBX-2214 Painting mesh with local symmetry active crashes Mudbox
MDBX-3334 Gigatexel is always processing, even with images off
MDBX-3529 Tiling plane can't be sculpted after you flip it
MDBX-3667 Sculpt layers at different subdivision levels are not flipping correctly, leading to crashes
MDBX-3943 Mudbox stops responding or becomes slow while importing some FBX files
MDBX-4011 Cannot compile most of the SDK examples because of QHash
MDBX-4027 Cannot undo flipped curves if created on lower subdivision levels
MDBX-4235 Grab brush doesn't produce correct results on objects with multiple shells when using Surface or Volume Falloff
MDBX-4415 While painting with symmetry on the X axis, using Shift to smudge fails on other side
MDBX-4457 Creating mirrored joints along local axis for n-sided meshes crashes Mudbox
MDBX-4485 Undoing/redoing manual retopology crashes Mudbox
MDBX-4648 Undoing color adjustments crashes Mudbox
MDBX-4687 Stamp image cannot be reset in Sculpt tool properties
MDBX-4699 Undoing the deletion of a light crashes Mudbox
MDBX-4740 Making a mesh symmetrical crashes Mudbox
MDBX-4742 Opening attached file and resaving as a new file, then reopening will crash Mudbox.
MDBX-4798 Mudbox crashes while opening attached OBJ file
MDBX-4870 Hovering over corrupted areas of a mesh crashes Mudbox
MDBX-4872 Mudbox crashes after undoing flipped and posed mesh
MDBX-4898 Object list's Information column's data should be presented in a cleaner way
MDBX-5252 Selecting Windows > Properties > Geometry/Material shows a brush dialog if there is no mesh in the scene.
MDBX-5267 No progress bars show in status bar when merging or duplicating layers
MDBX-5269 Mudbox crashes after deleting flattened mesh and then undo/redo
MDBX-5331 Two undos required to undo Deselect All
MDBX-5391 Tiling plane does not function correctly after save and reopen
MDBX-5440 Tangent Space Vector Displacement Map is not accurate
MDBX-5684 Freeze brush does not tile
MDBX-5734 Normal map extraction produces bad results
MDBX-5745 Brush Properties: Falloff section should be placed above Advanced section
MDBX-5746 FOV is not the same value for a custom camera after you export/import camera via FBX
MDBX-5809 Painting on front-facing polygons shows the stroke on back-facing polygons
MDBX-5840 Ptex files with embedded meshes replace object name with file path
MDBX-5847 Grab brush doesn't work properly when mirrored and dragged over a different mesh
MDBX-5861 Bad results for edge bleed for single vertex connecting two faces
MDBX-5889 Symmetrical painting performance is slow
MDBX-5961 Some thin lines appear on mesh after VDM extraction
MDBX-6057 Opening attached file will crash Mudbox
MDBX-6087 Twisting a surface using the Grab brush with symmetry produces undesired results
MDBX-6095 Mudbox crashes when an object has partial or no UVs, and Flood from Camera is used
MDBX-6104 Internal 16-bit conversion of 8-bit PNG layers gives a darker result after each save
MDBX-6121 Creating a joint in the mesh near other joints crashes Mudbox
MDBX-6127 Erase brush's Flood function doesn't work after undo
MDBX-6138 Artefacts in map extraction when mesh has n-sided faces
MDBX-6143 If object is selected, freezing transforms produces double transforms
MDBX-6172 Wacom tablet Mouse mode does not work properly
MDBX-6173 Send to: existing layer is not blended after the mesh is updated
MDBX-6176 Sending objects from 3ds Max to Mudbox makes camera and viewcube appear wrong
MDBX-6182 Undoing sculpt strokes crashes Mudbox
MDBX-6192 Symmetry and randomize create paint artefacts
MDBX-6208 Dragging and dropping layers does not work in Mudbox 2017
MDBX-6210 Merge Visible merges Layer Groups
MDBX-6216 Can't undo the creation, deletion, or changing of subdivision levels
MDBX-6243 Toggling the visibility of a sculpt layer created by Sculpt Using Map corrupts the mesh
MDBX-6247 Wrong result when flipping meshes
MDBX-6249 Painting with a stamp does not produce a symmetrical result when camera is tilted
MDBX-6258 Pinch error with non-uniformly scaled objects
MDBX-6261 Displacement map is incorrect if meshes are transformed
MDBX-6264 Modelers need to know when to use Subdivision or Ray Casting locate methods for map extractions
MDBX-6277 Crash when deleting extraction map operation
MDBX-6290 Mesh is distorted after undoing flip pose
MDBX-6304 Bits per-channel output ignores setting
MDBX-6306 Delete key does not work on MAC OSX
MDBX-6308 Using Smear brush on transformed meshes results in incorrect direction of vertex movement
MDBX-6330 Using Undo/Redo twice after Flipping distorts mesh
MDBX-6332 Mesh disappears after pressing delete + undo
MDBX-6362 Normal maps discrepancy between menu and pop-up window
MDBX-6389 Selecting Paint or Sculpt tool while curve is selected crashes Mudbox
MDBX-6413 Smooth Target UVs can lead to artifacts on the extracted maps
MDBX-6420 Edge bleeding is insufficient when smooth UV is on

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For complete instructions about uninstalling and installing this product see Mudbox Installation Help.

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