Warning: "An Insufficient Number of Surfaces were Defined to Yield Additional Parts" in Simulation CFD

Dec 25, 2014


On the Void Fill Geometry tool, the Fill Void button becomes active after creating one or more surfaces. This button is clicked, and the following warning is issued: 

Warning: An insufficient number of surfaces were defined to yield additional parts



In the Void Fill utility, the Fill Void button is active after the first capping surface is created. By definition, however, an internal void must be fully bounded (with no leaks) before it can converted into a volume. This warning means that the volume is not completely sealed (“water tight”), and that one or more additional surface caps needs to be created.

To resolve this issue: 

Check the void to locate any missing capping surfaces. Create the surface(s) by selecting the appropriate edges and clicking the Build Surface button. Click the Fill Void button to complete the creation of the volume.

If all of the openings have been capped, and an internal volume should be created, there is a good chance a crack exists between two surfaces somewhere within the model that is preventing the void from being "water tight."

  • To locate a crack, use the Small Object Removal geometry tool to identify a very small edge or surface. Removing the object may be the key. (Note that after using this tool, the caps you had already created will be deleted, so you'll have to start over.)
  • If Small Object Removal does not identify the problem, try Edge-mode diagnostics. Very small edges are identified as the Highlight edges slider is moved, which may identify the problem.
  • If the Small Object Removal cannot fix the issue, try fixing the model in the CAD system.



Simulation CFD;Simulation CFD 360