Temperature Initial Conditions Appear to be Missing from a Compressible Simulation

Nov 1, 2014


A temperature Initial Condition is applied to all volumes of a compressible analysis. Even during the early iterations, none of the parts have a resultant temperature equal or close to the applied initial temperature condition.



For compressible analyses, the static temperature becomes a property that depends only on total temperature, velocity and fluid properties. No equations are solved for static temperature.

For compressible flow, the total temperature must be initialized, because it is the dependent variable in the equations. (In contrast, the static temperature is the dependent variable for incompressible analyses.)

Specify total temperature initial conditions for compressible analyses instead of static temperature initial conditions.

Note: Initial conditions only prescribe the temperature at the onset of the analysis, and do not persist. To assign temperature values that persist, be sure to apply total temperature boundary conditions.



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