TEC DevicesDevice Switched Off

Mar 3, 2012


After running an analysis containing a TEC material, the TEC status is listed as "TEC device switched off."  (Hover over the part to obtain the TEC status.)



This is likely to occur if thermal boundary conditions do not create enough heat to surpass the cold side temperature specified in the TEC material properties. The TEC material is prevented from pumping heat out of the cold side into the neighboring elements.

The thermal results must surpass the cold side temperature for the TEC device to operate.  Add more heat to get to the TEC operating point or consider that a TEC device is not necessary for this design. 

For example, an analysis was set up with a 25 C temperature boundary condition, a heat generating component of 3.6W, and a TEC with Cold side temperature of 27C.  Because not enough heat was generated in this system for the TEC to operate, its status was classified as "TEC device switched off." 


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