Recovering a Design Study File that cannot be opened after a Crash

Feb 2, 2014


A crash occurs after updating a design with a geometry change. The design study file cannot be opened. This is particularly troublesome if the design study file contained several completed scenarios.


The Design Study file is a set of multiple models organized by geometry and analyses. (Each distinct geometry model is saved as a separate Design; each analysis is a separate Scenario.) If one of the geometric models is corrupt and causes a crash, the entire design study file is prevented from opening.

In most cases, if the design study crashes after a updating a design, the crash can be traced back to a specific design or scenario. Removing the corrupt item will usually restore the design study. Because the design study is a collection of files, it is possible to delete the offending design or scenario. To do this:

  1. Open a File Browser (or Explorer), and navigate to the folder containing the design study.
  2. Each design is contained in a unique folder. Each scenario is contained as a sub-folder under the appropriate design folder. Delete (or move to a separate location) the design or scenario that is causing the crash.
  3. Start Autodesk® Simulation CFD, and open the design study.



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