No Temperature Gradient across a Contact Resistance Material

Mar 3, 2012


A contact resistance material type has been applied between two volumes.  There does not seem to be a temperature gradient across the resistance. The effect of the increased thermal resistance is not apparent in the temperature results.



  1. Contact resistances must be placed between solid volumes.  If the contact resistance is applied between a fluid and a solid material, it won't work.  The best approach for a fluid/solid interface is to apply a solid surface material with insulative properties. 
  2. Check the mesh on the contact resistance surface and ensure it is sufficient to capture thermal gradients.
  3. Check mesh on neighboring solids to ensure it is sufficient to capture thermal gradients.  At least two layers of elements are recommended across heat conducting solids.    
  4. Check the temperature results: Use a temperature XY plot across the two solids across the contact resistance to see if there is a distinct jump in temperature at the interface. 


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