Meshing WarningCheck Model Edge Diagnostics prior to Autosizing

Nov 1, 2014


This warning appears as the CAD geometry is first opened into the Design Study: 

Check model edge diagnostics prior to autosizing to ensure resolution limits are adequate



When an analysis is created, the geometry is assessed to determine the Minimum Refinement Length (MRL) based on relative edge lengths throughout the model. This value is the threshold edge size that will be allowed to influence the mesh in neighboring features within the model.

Due to the state of the model, there is some ambiguity in determining the appropriate MRL. Because it is really important to set an appropriate MRL (to ensure the mesh distribution is not overly fine or coarse), this warning suggests that the value be confirmed or selected manually.

To resolve this issue:

  1. On the Mesh Sizes dialog, click the Diagnostics button.
  2. Select the Edge tab.
  3. Use the Highlight Edges slider to vary the MRL.
  4. Note that edges marked with an arrow are shorter than MRL, and will be meshed minimally (node at each end).
  5. When an appropriate value is found, click the Use Highlight Length button to set the value.


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