Meshing ErrorUnspecified Core Library Error

Nov 1, 2014


After setting up the analysis model and starting the simulation, the process stops during the meshing stage and one of the following errors is given:

Meshing error: Unspecified core library error encountered (code 503).



During the generation of the analysis mesh, a problem in the geometry is encountered by the mesher. This is a general error typically associated with a "bad projection" within source geometry such as overlapping or intersecting surfaces. 

This error is best addressed by:

  1. Return to the CAD system, and correct the geometry problem on the CAD model.
  2. Re-launch the model into Autodesk Simulation CFD.
  3. Re-run the simulation with clean geometry.

Typical causes for this error include intersecting surfaces, inverted geometry, and overlapping rounds.

The mesh log files may provide some assistance in locating the specific feature(s) that caused the error:

  • Navigate to the directory where the analysis is being saved and open the *_logs folder.
  • Within the folder, locate the *_mesh.log file and open it with Wordpad or Notepad.
  • Look for an indication that the 503 error occurred at the end of the file and see if a Surface ID and coordinate location are given. If so, locate the problematic parts in the simulation model, and correct the geometry in the CAD tool.


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