Error: "Intersecting Surface Meshes Identified for Surface A plus surface B near X Y Z (1102)" in Simulation CFD

May 20, 2014


During the meshing stage after pushing the solve button the simulation fails with an intersecting surface mesh error.

User-added image


After the failure, an orange dot is drawn on the model at the coordinates listed in the error message. This is the location at which the meshing process stopped. The model is shown as transparent and the offending volume is selected to help you find the problem location:

Inspect and repair the geometry in the vicinity of the problem location.

Some things to look for include:

  • Surfaces that overlap or are on top of one another
  • Tiny gaps between surfaces or volumes
  • Sliver surfaces
  • Tiny volumes resulting from volumes that overlap
  • Edges that are shared by more than two surfaces 

The Geometry Tools (Edge Merging and Small Object Removal) can fix many of these problems. (Right click on the Geometry branch of the Design Study bar.) If these tools are unable to resolve the problem, return to CAD system to fix the geometry.


See Also:

  • The orange dot may be difficult to see, so turn off the mesh seed points to improve visibility. (From the menus at the top of the User Interface, click Window, and uncheck Show Mesh Seeds.)
  • Click the View as Outline icon to turn off all shading. This can really help you to see inside the model.
  • Since the problematic volume is selected, note the ID for future reference. Adding it to a group (right click, and select Group > Create group) is a convenient way to quickly access the part later.

Surface and Edge Diagnostics are also very helpful for finding the problem:

  • On the Meshing dialog, click the Diagnostics button.
  • Move the slider to identify small entities that may be problematic.


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