Mesh WarningCheck Surface; Meshing Failure may Result

Nov 1, 2014


After clicking the Automatic size button on the Mesh sizes dialog, the following warning is issued:

Check Surface <A> Meshing failure may result with current autosize settings

<A> is a surface id number.

This can also occur after modifying the distribution and clicking Spread changes.



During the Automatic Sizing and Spread Changes operations, modified mesh distributions are propagated to ensure consistent element size transitions. This warning means that the distribution that was computed was overly fine in one or more locations.  

Note that the mesh distribution (that existed before Spread Changes was invoked) is not modified when this warning is issued. 

This warning often means that an extremely thin sliver surface has been detected.

If this warning is issued after clicking Automatic size:

There are likely geometry features that are very small, and could be removed with Small Object Removal:

  1. Open Geometry Tools (right click on the Geometry branch of the Design Study bar), and click the Small Object Removal tab.
  2. Adjust the Tolerance slider to identify objects that are very small
  3. Click the Remove button
  4. Open the Mesh size dialog, and click Automatic size again

An alternative approach is to remove the sliver from the original CAD geometry.

If this warning is issued after clicking Spread Changes after refining the mesh distribution:

  1. Click the Automatic size button to reset the mesh distribution
  2. Refine the mesh as needed, but not as much.



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