Mesh ErrorShell Specifications Failed

Nov 1, 2014


As part of the mesh definition, surface parts were created within the model. When the analysis was started, the following error occurred during the meshing process: 

Meshing Error: <#> shell specifications failed

Note: <#> is the number of surface parts that could not be generated



Surface parts (shells) are a two dimensional element often used to represent very thin objects. They are created from the faces of the 3D elements. Sometimes the mesher has to manipulate the original mesh slightly to include shell elements.  

This error occurs if the shell element cannot be created because the underlying mesh could not be modified.

There are two primary ways to resolve this issue: 

  • Refine the mesh distribution on the surface.
  • Sometimes a uniform distribution significantly improves the success of shell creation. Use the "Use-Uniform" button to create a uniform distribution on the surface.


Simulation CFD