Mesh--Analysis Types that cannot be Continued from a Saved Iteration after a Re-Mesh

Nov 1, 2014


In many cases, it is possible to run a simulation for several iterations, construct a new mesh, and continue from a saved result field. This is convenient because it allow the use of existing results instead of having to discard them and start over.

In certain cases, however, after constructing a new mesh and continuing from a saved iteration, the existing results field is completely discarded.



The ability to remesh and continue from a saved results field is not available for all analysis types.

The reason is that these analysis types require reorganization and node creation or linking during startup. This nodal manipulation needs to be calculated at the beginning of the analysis, and cannot leverage any existing results.

The following simulations cannot be continued from a saved iteration after a new mesh is constructed. They must be started back at the beginning: 


  • Periodic boundary conditions
  • Surface parts (solid shells)
  • Distributed Resistance surface parts
  • Moving solids
  • Rotating regions
  • Extrusion mesh


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