Transient heat transfer converges to a different temperature field than steady-state in Simulation CFD

Nov 1, 2014


A transient thermal analysis converges to a converged temperature. When the same simulation is run as steady state, it converges to a different resultant temperature field.


The reason for this is that a different advection scheme is used for transient heat transfer than in steady state heat transfer simulations. 
  • For steady state analyses, ADV2 is the default advection scheme for the energy equation.
  • For transient analyses, ADV1 is the default.  
The different numerical techniques employed in the two advection schemes can lead to different temperature results. 
To ensure consistent temperature results, change the advection scheme to ADV2 when running transient heat transfer simulations and for your steady state analysis.

To do this: 
  1. Right click off the model, and click Solve.
  2. On the Control tab, click the Solution Control button.
  3. Click the Advection button to open the Advection Options dialog, and select ADV2 from the list.


Simulation CFD