Geometry Tools ErrorSmall Object Removal Failed as Specified Tolerance

Nov 1, 2014


While in the Small Object Removal tab (on the Geometry Tool task dialog), one or both of the following errors appears after adjusting the tolerance and clicking the Remove button: 

Error: Object suppression failed at the specified tolerance. Reduce tolerance and try again.

Error: Small Object Removal failed at the specified tolerance and the previous model state must be restored. Reduce tolerance and try again.



This error likely indicates that the removal of objects below the specified tolerance was not successful. The model is returned to its state prior to invoking Small Object Removal.

To resolve this issue:

Reduce the tolerance, and attempt to remove small objects again.

This can also point to a potential problem with the geometry. Use the Meshing Diagnostics to try to identify any sliver surfaces or tiny edges (with Surface-mode and Edge-mode diagnostics, respectively).


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