Failure to launch from ProEngineer

Nov 1, 2014


The model fails to launch from Pro/Engineer.



Step 1: Autodesk Simulation CFD Menu item

Verify if the Autodesk Simulation CFD menu item is included in the Applications menu. If not, you should run CFdConfig from the Autodesk Simulation CFD installation folder.

Step 2: Test the Installation

To verify that the problem is not model specific, attempt to launch one of the examples from the /Examples/ProEngineer-Wildfire sub-folder from the Autodesk® Simulation CFD installation.

If the example model launches successfully, then the problem is likely with the specific model.  

If not, verify that Autodesk® Simulation CFD can be opened from the Start menu (or Desktop). If this fails, there may be licensing or installation issues. If Autodesk® Simulation CFD opens, then proceed with the following troubleshooting steps:

Step 3: Working directory

In Pro/Engineer, it is important that you set your working directory before opening the part or assembly. If you don't do this, Autodesk® Simulation CFD will not prompt for an design study name, and the model will not transfer.

Step 4: Intralink

Pro/Engineer geometry launched with the Granite method (or by directly opening into Autodesk® Simulation CFD) must exist locally on the computer. This means that the Granite method cannot be used with geometry accessed through Pro/Intralink.



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