Error: "Unable to Connect to Selected Server Computer"

Nov 1, 2014


The following error message is issued after attempting to start a remote analysis:

Error: Unable to connect to the selected server computer…

This indicates the analysis could not be started because the Local computer could not establish communication with the remote Solver computer.


Follow these steps to fix the remote solving for Autodesk® Simulation CFD™ 2012:
  • Check the server name in the server.cfg file to ensure it is correct and that the server name is valid. (This file is located in your Autodesk® Simulation CFD installation folder.)
  • Verify that CFdServ is running on the local and remote computers. To do this, navigate to the Autodesk® Simulation CFD installation folder, and double-click on servman.exe. If the Status does not say "Running," click the Start button. If that does not work, click the Stop button, the Uninstall button, and then the Install button. This resets the server manager.
  • Check the Firewall settings and network connectivity.  Check to see if a third party firewall is running that is blocking communication.  If possible, modify the firewall to make exceptions for cfdesign.exe, cfdcalc.exe, cfdserv.exe, and servman.exe.

See Also:

For setting up remote solving capabilities for more recent versions of the software please refer to this updated article.


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