Error MessageUnable to write GBI File

Nov 1, 2014


When launching into an existing analysis from a CAD system, the following error message is given: 

File Error: Unable to Write GBI File



This message means that Autodesk® Simulation CFD thinks it should be able to write out the file containing the mesh data used by the solver ("GBI File"), but something prevented that from happening. Usually this is because no mesh data actually exists. 

Often this error is preceded by a launch that resulted in a meshing error or a crash. If that happened, it is best to try to fix the underlying cause of the problem. 

Troubleshooting and Solutions:

 Attempt to fix the underlying cause of the problem

  • Check the Mesh log file for a problem location
  • If the process stopped with an error message, attempt to adjust the mesh size according to the message; fix the mesh distribution or even the geometry to ensure that the mesh will generate successfully.
  • Include a heat source at the heat sink base.
  • Check disk space--if under 1 GByte, clear some space and try again.

If launching from Pro/Engineer, delete the ".tsl_" file from the working directory

  • This is an intermediate file that is supposed to be deleted automatically after generating the mesh.
  • If a crash occurs, it might not be deleted. Often manually deleting this file fixes the issue.

Click OK on the error dialog.

  • Sometimes the analysis will continue after simply clicking OK on the error dialog.

 Save a Share file and open it (instead of the original design study file) after launching from CAD.

  • This step allows you to start from a clean slate because only the settings are contained in a support file.
  • To save a Share file, click File > Save share file. Select the Support bullet, and click Save.

Launch into a new analysis altogether

  • Sometimes setting it up again from scratch resolves the issue.



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