Error MessageThe server (CFdserv) failed to respond or was unable to start the Solver

Aug 8, 2011


The analysis was unable to start after clicking the "Solve" button. The following error message was issued: 

Error: The server (CFdserv.exe) failed to respond or was unable to start the Solver



There are two parts to this error: 

The first is that the Server Manager, CFdserv, failed to respond. This is often due to a communications problem between the User Interface and the Solver. This can occur on a single-machine or when solving remotely. 

The second part is that the Solver could not be started. In this case, the communication between the User Interface and the Solver is working properly, but the Solver was unable to start. There are several reasons for this.




1. Verify that CFdServ is running on the local and remote computers.

To do this, navigate to the Autodesk® Simulation CFD installation folder, and double-click on servman.exe. If the Status does not say "Running," click the Start button. If that does not work, click the Stop button, the Uninstall button, and then the Install button. This resets the server manager. 

2. Check the Firewall settings and network connectivity.

Check with an IT administrator to make sure Autodesk® Simulation CFD was installed with an administrator account and that the current user has permissions to run the CFdesign service in Windows.  

3. Third party firewall 

Check to see if a third party firewall is running that is blocking communication.  If possible, modify the firewall to make exceptions for cfdesign.exe, cfdcalc.exe, cfdserv.exe, and servman.exe. 


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