Error MessageNot enough memory to run the radiation model

Nov 1, 2014


Start-up processing of a radiation analysis stops with one of the following errors: 

The view factor calculation failed due to insufficient memory

Not enough memory to run the radiation model

Memory allocation exceeded in view factor calculation

Not enough memory to achieve adequate sampling rate



When view factors are processed, Autodesk® Simulation CFD probes the computer to find the maximum memory that the OS can provide for this task.

Once the amount of memory is known, Autodesk® Simulation CFD automatically adjusts internal accuracy set points to compute the view factors.

After the view factors have been computed, Autodesk® Simulation CFD checks if the sum of all view factors for every face in the model sums to 1.0.

This error is issued if the computer simply does not have enough RAM to compute the view factors.  

To resolve this issue, change the mesh distribution to be coarser. Pay particular attention to the mesh distribution on surfaces. Try to reduce the number of element faces on surfaces, without compromising the flow solution. If necessary, simplify the geometry so that a coarser mesh can be applied.

If the model still will not run after reducing the surface mesh density, add more RAM to the computer. Note that 32 bit machines are limited to 2Gbyte (3 Gbyte with the "3 Gigabyte switch"), but x64 machines are not subject to such a limitation.



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