Error MessageNo material has an emissivity greater than 0

Nov 1, 2014


The following error message appears as a radiation analysis is started: 

Error: None of the materials have an emissivity > 0



The emissivity on at least one material must be greater than 0. Otherwise, all surfaces have an emissivity of 0, meaning that they are completely reflective (and unable to absorb and emit any radiant energy).

Assigning a non-zero value of emissivity to a fluid material causes the value to be applied to the wall surfaces of that part. Emissivity values assigned to solids are applied to the surfaces of the solid, and will "win" over the value assigned to the surrounding fluid material.

To resolve this issue, modify one or more materials to have a non-zero value of emissivity. (Note that emissivity cannot be greater than 1.0.)


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