Error MessageNo job information

Nov 1, 2014


The following message appears in the CFD Solution Monitor, and the simulation fails to run: 

Error: No job information



This message is issued if CFD Solution Monitor does not receive a response to a "list" request from the remote machine within ten seconds. This indicates that the remote server may be active but cannot respond quickly enough or that it was active, but can no longer respond. (The latter case may be due to a CFD Server crash or that the remote computer is using 100% of its resources.) 

  • Using Task Manager, check the performance of the remote computer.
  • Using Ping, check network performance.
  • Ensure that cfdserv.exe is up and running properly on the remote computer.
  • Open Servman.exe, click Stop, Uninstall, and Install to reset the CFD Server Manager.


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