Error MessageMaximum available memory may have been exceeded

Nov 1, 2014


The analysis stops, and the following error is issued:

Error: Maximum available memory may have been exceeded

The analysis was not able to complete successfully because it could not access enough memory to complete the calculation.



There are several items to check to resolve this issue:

Number of Iterations:

If the specified number of iterations is greater than 1,000, specify a smaller number of iterations. When an analysis is started, Autodesk® Simulation CFD multiples the number of iterations by the memory per convergence set to allocate the storage space for all the expected convergence data.  

Mesh and Geometry:

  • Change the mesh distribution to be coarser.
  • A similar tactic is to go to Edge tab of the Mesh Diagnostics task dialog. Increase the Minimum Refinement length to reduce the mesh resolution on small features.
  • Be careful not to coarsen the mesh so much (or make the Minimum Refinement length so large) that the mesh fails to generate. This may require a few attempts before a successful mesh is generated.
  • If necessary, simplify the geometry so that a coarser mesh can be applied.

System Resources:

  • If the model still will not run after reducing the surface mesh density, adding more RAM to the computer can help resolve the issue.
  • Note that 32 bit machines are limited to 2Gbyte (3 Gbyte with the "3 Gigabyte switch")
  • x64 machines are not subject to such a memory limitation


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