Error MessageFound Electrical Regions with no Electrical Boundary Conditions

Nov 1, 2014


A Joule Heating simulation consists of multiple solid parts. This error is presented when the analysis is started:

 Error: Found electrical regions with no electrical BC



This error occurs if there are one or more solid parts that do not have electrical boundary condition (current or Voltage) and are not connected to solid parts that do.


In a Joule heating analysis, there must be a conduction path between all solids in the model. A solid part that is separated from the others will be electrically disconnected from them, and the solution cannot proceed. 

There are several ways to resolve this error:

  • Connect the separated part to the parts that have electrical boundary conditions.
  • Apply a current and Voltage to the solid that is disconnected.
  • Assign a fluid material to the disconnected solid.
  • Suppress the disconnected solid from the mesh. (In the Meshing task, right click on the part, and select Suppress.)


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