Error MessageFlux Based Advection Limitations

Nov 1, 2014


In either a compressible or a motion analysis, ADV3 was selected from the Advection dialog. Upon starting the analysis, one of these errors is issued: 

Error: Flux based advection can only be used for incompressible fluids

Error: Moving Solids cannot be used in conjunction with flux based advection



ADV 3 is a flux-based advection scheme, and does not support compressible or motion analyses.

There are two solutions for this: 

  1. Change the advection scheme using the Solution Control button on the Solve dialog. Click the Advection button on the Solution Controls dialog. (ADV1 is the recommended scheme for motion analyses.)
  2. Change the analysis to incompressible. (Physics tab of the Solve dialog.)

 The following is a summary of the flux-based advection scheme, ADV3:

  • ADV3 is numerically less stable for many flows.
  • ADV3 can only be used for incompressible flows.
  • ADV3 cannot be used for motion analyses.
  • ADV3 is specially tuned for drag and external flow applications.
  • Mesh Enhancement must be enabled.



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