Error MessageDid not Receive Reply From Remote Host

Nov 1, 2014


After pressing the Solve button on the Solve dialog, the solver does not start, and the following error is issued:

 Error Message: Did not receive reply from remote host



The User Interface and Solver are separate processes, and communicate through the Server Manager.

Begin by stopping all analyses, exit, and open the Server Manager by double-clicking on servman.exe (from the Autodesk® Simulation CFD installation folder). In the Server Manager, perform the following procedure:

  1. Verify the two paths are correct (for Installation folder and Analyze folder).
  2. Verify that the Status is "Running."
  3. In the Jobs window you may see CFdesign analyses listed as running or idle. Since these likely do not exist, select the Stop button to remove them from the list (Note that stopping a job will delete all results.)
  4. After selecting Stop, reset the server by clicking the Uninstall button and then the Install button.
  5. Delete all files from the Analyze folder.

Restart Autodesk® Simulation CFD, and run the analysis again. If the error appears again, perform the following steps:

  1. Check your licensing. If the solver cannot receive authorization from the license server within 10 seconds, it will time out, and the above error message will be given. If you have recently changed your license server or your license configuration (from floating to node-locked), then you may receive this error.
  2. Modify firewall or anti-spyware programs to indicate that all Autodesk® Simulation CFD components are recognized as safe.
  3. Ensure that the folder path & .cfdst file name have no special characters (such as "%", "&", "#", "," etc.). Use only numbers, letters, dashes, and underscores.
  4. Update to the latest Autodesk® Simulation CFD build to incorporate any recent bug fixes that may affect this.

Additional items to verify:

  • The file cfdserv.exe exists in the installation folder
  • The file server.cfg in the installation folder is NOT marked as read-only
  • User has full rights to the working directory. This directory and contents should not be read-only.



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