Error MessageDensity Ratio > MaxRatio

Nov 1, 2014


After starting the simulation, the following error is given, and the mesh is not generated:

Error: Density Ratio (%lG) > MaxRatio (%lG)",Max Density = %lG for Prop named A%



There are three different ways to resolve this error:

Method 1:  Density = 0

One cause of this error is a material with a density of 0.  The problematic material may not be the specific material listed in the error message, as the infinite value is the ratio of the densities of this and a neighboring material. 


Check all custom materials for missing or improper density values. 

Method 2:  Steam Fluid

If you use steam as a fluid property, you may encounter this error, and the analysis will not run.  This is because the density of vaporous steam and liquid water differ by more than the allowable number of orders of magnitude.


Add the flag called dens-check-orders <value> to your cfdesign_flags.txt file.


The default value is 8, so increase the allowed range of the density orders of magnitude by assigning a larger number to this flag.

Method 3: Units 

The third way to resolve this is to use another units system. From the Design Study bar, right click on Geometry, and click Length Units.


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