Error: "Cannot open scalar results file" in Simulation CFD

Nov 1, 2014


After running several iterations, the solution stops and one of the following error messages appears:

Error: Cannot open scalar results file for write access <filename>.gls_

Error: Cannot open vector results file for write access <filename>.glv_



During each iteration, the Solver writes data files to the disk that are read by the User Interface. Some of these files contain graphical data for the run-time results display. Others update the output files such as the Status and Solver files.  If these communication is blocked by certain processes then files might get corrupt.


These messages mean that the Solver was unable to write to the .gls_ or the .glv_ file. These contain the run-time scalar and vector results data that is displayed during the analysis.

There are several potential causes and solutions for this error:

  • Check to make sure that any backup software is not trying to back up the analysis at the same time it is trying to solve.
  • Check your virus software. Some virus protection systems block a process that tries to open and close files too often or too quickly. This is because many viruses operate this way. The problem is that through an analysis, Autodesk® Simulation CFD opens and closes several files as it updates them with new results. Add an exception for the root working directly to skip scanning and modify your virus software to allow full access for:
    • SimCFD.exe
    • SimCFDMesher.exe
    • SimCFDMonitor.exe
    • SimCFDServer.exe
    • SimCFDServerManager.exe
    • SimCFDSolver.exe
    • SimCFDJobManager.exe
  • This could be due permissions on the directory. Ensure that you have write privileges to the folder that contains the analysis.
  • The file may be in use by another process. Make sure that another instance of this same analysis is already running.
  • The hard drive could be full. Check the amount of available disk space on the drive containing the analysis.
    Check firewall and security software to ensure that Autodesk® Simulation CFD can write to the folder containing the analysis.
  • Try closing the User Interface after the job starts and see if the solver still has trouble writing to this file.


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