Error MessageCannot open SCD File

Nov 1, 2014


After running some iterations and stopping, the following error occurs when the simulation is continued:

 Error: Cannot open scd file



The Solver Convergence Data file (.scd) is an internal solver file that stores convergence data. This error can occur because of file read issues or when running one of the file utilities (under the File menu) when a file read/write problem occurs.

There are several potential causes of this error:

  • This could be due to permissions on the directory. Ensure that you have write privileges to the folder that contains the analysis.
  • The file may be in use by another process. Make sure that another instance of this same analysis is already running.
  • The message could mean the disk is out of space. Check the amount of available disk space on the drive containing the analysis.
  • Check firewall and security software to ensure that Autodesk® Simulation CFD can write to the folder containing the analysis.
  • On a 32-bit PC, a large analysis with many saved intermediate results sets may approach the 2Gig file size limit for 32 Bit OS. If this happens, the results may not be accessible from the analysis. To access the results:

1.  Rename the support file and the results file to a new analysis name. For example:

analysis_s.cfdst --> analysis-new.cfdst

analysis.res.t500 --> analysis-new.res.t500

2.  Open the new cfdst file, and continue the analysis from iteration 500. Set the number of iterations to 0, and press Solve.

The mesh will generate, and the results from the results file will be saved to the analysis.

3.  This process can be repeated for other saved results sets. Use a different analysis name for each result set.



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