Error MessageA Hole in the View Space has been Detected

Nov 1, 2014


As view factors are computed in preparation for a radiation analysis or during a motion analysis with radiation, the simulation stops and the following error is issued: 

Error: A hole in the view space has been detected




During the view factor calculation, some faces were found to look out of the model, and did not see any other faces within the model. This can happen if there are parts that are disconnected from the rest of the model. An example is a motion analysis in which the object either starts or moves out of the original domain.

When solving for radiation in a motion analysis, all parts must stay within the domain. If necessary, modify motion definitions for moving parts to ensure that they do not go outside the model domain.


Here are some additional guidelines for modeling radiation with moving parts:

  • Moving objects that experience radiation heat transfer must not touch any stationary object or wall at any point in the analysis. This includes the as-built location as well as anywhere along the motion path.
  • Moving objects must not leave the enclosure.
  • Radiation cannot be used for rotating regions.
  • Moving parts must be opaque. They cannot have a non-zero value of transmissivity in their material definition.



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