Error Message: The combined length of the file and path names is too long

Nov 1, 2014


The following error message is issued after creating a design study, naming a design or a scenario, or opening a share file in a new folder: 

Error: The combined length of the file and path names is too long




Microsoft Windows imposes a limit on the total number of characters a file path can contain. This limit is 259 characters, and is composed of the following:

    • file path or network path
    • name of the design study
    • name of the design
    • name of the scenario

To add a margin of safety, Autodesk® Simulation CFD uses a limit of 240 characters. This ensures that the defined path name does not accidently exceed the limit, which can lead to problems running the analysis.  

There are several ways to reduce the number of characters used:

    • Use a shorter path or shorter folder names within the path.
    • Use a shorter design study name. The design study name is assigned when the study is created in the Design Study Manager.
    • Use short design and scenario names. It is important to be descriptive with names, but try to use a convention that is meaningful, but concise.
    • To add detailed description to a study, include a summary in the Notes section of the Design Study Bar.



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