Error Message--Ran out of memory Processing Extrusion

Nov 1, 2014


Extrusion meshing is assigned to one or more volumes. While generating the mesh, this error is issued: 

Error: Ran out of memory processing extrusion



As part of the generation of an extruded mesh, Autodesk® Simulation CFD creates mathematical links to connect extruded elements with tetrahedral elements that share a surface. This is necessary to ensure that the flow and temperature solutions can pass from an extruded mesh to a tetrahedral mesh. 

These links are computed where the four-node extruded element faces and the three-node tetrahedral element faces meet. This error will occur if the limit of 300 links per face is exceeded. This can happen if there is a large discrepancy between the sizes of the extruded elements and the surrounding tetrahedral elements.

To resolve this issue: 

The solution is to modify the mesh distribution so that the extrusion and tet element sizes are closer in size. Either adjust the stretching of the extrusion or the surrounding tetrahedral distribution.  

The faces do not have to be exactly the same size (as that would defeat the purpose of using extrusion meshing), but the size difference shouldn't be larger than 300 to 1. The relative element sizes between the extruded elements and the tetrahedral element should not be so different that there are more than 300 faces of one kind of element within one face of the other.


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