Error: "Data in file (filename).rvt is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered"

Dec 3, 2014


When opening a file in Revit you get the following error message:

Data in file (filename) is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered.

Data in file is corrupt


First check if the hard drive is low on free space.

If Revit is not able to expand the project into the Temp directory (Window Key + E, Enter %TMP%), then this message can occur.

If the system has at least 5 GB of hard disk space free

If the system has at least 5 GB of hard disk space free when this error occurs (and clearing the Temp directory doesn't clear the error), follow the steps in the links below, based on your file type, to recover a backup copy of the file.


For non-workshared files:

See: Recovering non-workshared files

For workshared files:

Note: Before attempting to recover a backup of a corrupt workshared file, copy the backup folder to a location away from the corrupt RVT file! If this is not done there is a good chance that the recovery process will fail.
See: Recovering a backup of a workshared file

If the file can be opened:

  1. In the Open dialog, check the Audit box and open the file.
  2. Go to Manage > Purge Unused.
  3. Go to the Application Menu > Save As dialog, and save the file under a new name.
  4. Switch to your desktop and open Windows Explorer (Windows key +E).Type %temp% in the address bar.
  5. Delete as many files as possible from this folder. Some files may not be able to be deleted if they are in use by other applications on your machine.
  6. Move the local files and their backups to the desktop.
  7. Open Revit.
  8. Open the project file with "Create new local" checked.

If a backup cannot be opened:

Create a new Central file from an existing Local file, following the steps outlined in the document below:

See:  Creating a Central Model from an Existing Workshared File


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