A required resource was unavailable. Crash on 32 bit Operating System

Oct 31, 2014


You were working in a Autodesk Revit 2011 product and the product crashed with an error message. This crash occurs when working on a 32 bit system. You received a Customer Error Report dialog following the crash. The two most common messages are:

A required resource was unavailable.

A fatal error has occurred.  The application will be terminated.  You have the opportunity to save recovery files for all of your changed projects. Would you like to save a recovery file?



These errors could be caused by graphics or memory usage on the machine.  The following options can reduce the frequency of these errors:

  • Verify that your graphic card and driver is listed as supported on Graphics Hardware List.
  • If your card is not listed on the Graphics Hardware List, check with your graphics card manufacture and install the latest graphics card driver available. 
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration in your Revit product.  For instructions on how to disable hardware acceleration visit Changing the Hardware Acceleration setting in Revit 
  • If you are working with large projects and/or performing operations such as rendering that consume high amounts of system memory, consider switching to a 64 bit operating system and utilize a 64 bit Revit 2011 Product to complete those operations.   For more information about 64 bit Revit products please visit Benefits of using 64-bit version of Revit.

If this behavior does occur, please submit a Customer Error Report containing an e-mail address along with a description of the workflow leading up to the crash.  For additional information on the error report process, please see the link below:

Customer Error Reporting (CER)

For additional assistance please log a support request through Subscription Center or contact your reseller.



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