3D Model graphics do not appear and may cause the application to hang.

Oct 31, 2014



When you load a model into Quantity Takeoff, geometry does not display in the main view and the application may hang or crash.




Some graphic cards’ hardware acceleration is incompatible with QTO’s directX component. This conflict is connected to a specific view setting in Autodesk Design Review and QTO’s hardware acceleration setting. An adjustment to both programs will fix the issue.

Adjust the Driver setting in Design Review:

1.) Open Design Review.

2.) Click the Design Review button then "Options" to open the Options dialog.

3.) Access the "Model" tab.

4.) In the "View Settings" section, set the Driver to “OpenGL” or “Software (OpenGL)”.

5.) Close Design Review.

6.) Start Design Review.

7.) Open Dwf in Design review and the following message will display:

 “Direct X Driver Found, Autodesk Design Review has detected the presence of the DirectX graphic drivers on this system.  Would you like to switch to DirectX to take advantage of better 3D model performance?”

8.) Select “Do not show this message again” and click "Cancel".

Adjust the settings in Quantity Takeoff 2010:

1.) Open Quantity Takeoff.

2.) Click Edit > Preferences and the Preferences dialog will open.

3.) Access the Model tab.

4.) Uncheck the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" box.

5.) Click "Ok"

6.) Close Quantity Takeoff.

7.) Restart Quantity Takeoff.



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