Intermittent crashes in Inventor with the 3DConnexion space mouse

Nov 1, 2014



Inventor may crash when you use a 3DConnexion controller in conjunction with the Ribbon User Interface.  After you’ve actively used the 3D mouse for a period of 10 to 20 minutes, moving the 2D mouse over the Ribbon can cause Inventor to terminate.
This issue most frequently occurs on Windows® XP (32 and 64 bit) systems with the Ribbon User Interface. Occasionally it may occur on Windows® Vista or when using the Classic UI.  It may take longer than 20 minutes to encounter this issue depending on your use of the 3D mouse.




This issue is caused by a leaked timer resource in the 3DConnexion driver. Once the timers are exhausted, the Microsoft WPF implementation will throw an exception that terminates the Inventor Application.
You can fix this issue by updating your version of the 3DConnexion driver from:
3DxSoftware v. 3.7.18 contains a fix for this issue.
Though this issue most frequently occurs on Windows XP, it is highly recommended that you still update to version 3.7.18 if you are using Windows Vista. 
Similarly, you should update to version 3.7.18 if you are using earlier versions of Inventor software.



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