Supported file formats and applications for Autodesk Navisworks 2009 to 2015

Aug 4, 2014


You would like to know the supported file formats and versions of scheduling software that can be imported into Autodesk Navisworks Review (discontinued after 2010 release), Autodesk Navisworks Manage, and Autodesk Navisworks Simulate.


Supported file formats

Navisworks has its own native file formats (.nwd, .nwf, .nwc) and supports multiple other file formats. Supported design applications include AutoCAD, Revit, and 3ds Max software-based products, plus many widely used industry CAD, BIM, and Digital Prototyping solutions.

The following table lists the file formats directly supported by Navisworks 2015 solutions. It also lists which applications are supported by the NWC export utility allowing users to generate Navisworks native NWC files directly from their design application, and which scheduling software Navisworks supports to link with Timeliner.

The information below is also available as PDF document (Navisworks 2015 supported file formats), with additional information on supported entities and any pre-requisites required prior to import.

Note: Unless stated below, backward compatibility for previous versions cannot always be guaranteed.

Format Extension File format version
Navisworks .nwd, .nwf, .nwc All versions
AutoCAD .dwg, .dxf Up to AutoCAD 2015
MicroStation (SE, J, V8 & XM) .dgn, .prp, .prw v7, v8
3D Studio .3ds, .pri Up to Autodesk 3ds Max 2015
ACIS SAT .sat, .sab All ASM SAT. Up to ACIS SAT v7
Catia .model, .session, .exp, .dlv3, .CATPart, .CATProduct, .cgr v4, v5
DWF/DWFX .dwf, .dwfx All previous versions
FBX .fbx FBX SDK 2014.1
IGES .igs, .iges All versions
Pro/ENGINEER .prt, .asm, .g, .neu Up to Wildfire 5.0, Creo Parametric 1.0-2.0
Inventor .ipt, .iam, .ipj Up to Inventor 2015
Informatix MicroGDS .man, .cv7 v10
JT Open .jt Up to 10.0
PDS Design Review .dri Legacy file format. Support up to 2007.
Parasolids .x_b Up to schema 26
RVM .rvm Up to 12.0 SP5
Revit .rvt 2011-2015
Sketchup .skp v5 up to v8
Solidworks .prt, .sldprt, .asm, .sldasm 2001 Plus - 2014
STEP .stp, .step AP214, AP203E3
STL .stl Binary only
VRML .wrl, .wrz VRML1, VRML2


Supported exporters

This table summarizes 32-bit and 64-bit support for the exporters included in Autodesk Navisworks 2015. The Autodesk Navisworks NWC export utility can also be downloaded from Autodesk Navisworks NWC export utility.

Product / Exporter 32-bit support 64-bit support
Autodesk AutoCAD 2009 - 2015 Yes Yes
Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 - 2015 Yes Yes
Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010 - 2015 Yes Yes
Autodesk Revit Architecture / Structure / MEP 2009 – 2015 Yes Yes
ArchiCAD 12 / Vico Constructor 2009 Yes  
ArchiCAD 13 / Vico Constructor 2010 Yes Yes
ArchiCAD 14 Yes Yes
ArchiCAD 15 Yes Yes
ArchiCAD 16 Yes Yes
Bentley Microstation J Yes  
Bentley Microstation 8 Yes  
Bentley Microstation 8.9 Yes  
Bentley Microstation V8i Yes  

Supported laser scan formats

Navisworks 2015 supports the following laser scan formats.

Format Extension File format version
Autodesk ReCap *.rcs, *.rcp  
ASCII Laser File .asc, .txt n/a
Faro .fls, .fws, .iQscan, .iQmod, .iQwsp FARO SDK 5.1
Leica .pts, .ptx n/a
Riegl .3dd Version 3.5 or higher
Trimble Native file NOT supported. Convert to ASCII laser file Same as ASCII laser file
Z+F .zfc, .zfs SDK version

Supported scheduling software

Navisworks Simulate 2015 and Navisworks Manage 2015 support the following project scheduling software.
Vendor Product File format Notes
Asta Powerproject 11 (11.x)
12 (12.0.03-042)
.pp Requires Asta Powerproject to be installed on same machine to make link.
Microsoft Project 2007 (SP1) to 2013 .mpp Requires Microsoft Project to be installed on same machine to make link.
Oracle Oracle Primavera
Engineering and
6.2.1 (SP4 Hot Fix 1)
7.0 (SP4)
n/a Requires Primavera v6 , 7 or 8 Engineering and Construction to be installed locally or remotely, along with the corresponding version of the Primavera SDK.
TimeLiner connects to the Primavera database via an ODBC data source link.
Oracle Primavera P6 Web
6.2.1 (SP1 Hot Fix 1)
7.0 (SP1 Hot Fix 1)
n/a Requires Primavera P6 v6, 7 or 8 Web Services
installed within a suitable Web Application Server such as Oracle Web Logic or JBoss on the same machine as your P6 database.
Microsoft Microsoft Project Exchange Format .mpx Does not require any project software to be installed. This is the common project exchange format which can be exported to from a number of scheduling packages.
N/A CSV Exchange Format .csv Does not require any project software to be installed. This is a common exchange format which can be exported from a number of applications including, Microsoft Excel.

Navisworks Simulate and Navisworks Manage can additionally export TimeLiner task information to this format.

For Navisworks 2014, you can download Navisworks 2014 Support File Formats.

For earlier version of Navisworks, see the attached .ZIP file (, which contains the PDF documents listed below:

  • Navisworks 2013: Navisworks-2013-Supported-Formats-Applications.pdf
  • Navisworks 2012: Navisworks-2012-Supported-Formats-Applications.pdf
  • Navisworks 2011: Navisworks-2011-Supported-Formats-Applications.pdf
  • Navisworks 2010: NavisWorks-2010-Supported-Formats-Applications.pdf
  • Navisworks 2009: NavisWorks-2009-Supported-Formats-Applications.pdf



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