Working with Inventor and antivirus software

Nov 1, 2014


When you work with Inventor and there is antivirus software active on your machine, you may experience slow performance. For example, you may have slow response times while using Inventor and refresh of Inventor UI. This is caused by antivirus software and you would like to optimize your performance.


Inventor files normally should be excluded from real-time antivirus scanning. Users should also disable virus scanning during installation of the product.

Excluding Inventor files (.iam, .idw, .ipt and ipn at the very least) from real-time scanning is important since Inventor opens a lot of files (especially for a large assembly drawing, for example) and the virus/malware threat from them is extremely low.

Users can also exclude the workspace of their Inventor projects so that they are not scanned during work, which will give a better overall performance.

Additional files which could be excluded from virus scanning are .CHM file types (in case of local help installation) to allow the Help files to open normally. Configure the antivirus program to exclude Autodesk installer files on your computer as antivirus programs take a lot of time to scan such files.