Unable to initialize adlm error after uninstalling a Service Pack for 2014 products

Nov 1, 2014


This error may be encountered by users who had multiple Autodesk products and their service packs installed on the machine. This licensing error happens while launching 2014 products, after uninstalling a Service Pack of one of the 2014 products. Following are the steps which could result into this issue:

  1. Install Autodesk 2014 Product #1.
  2. Install Autodesk 2014 Product #2.
  3. Install Service Pack for Product #1
  4. Install Service Pack for Product #2
  5. Uninstall/Remove one of the service packs, which was installed in step 3) or 4)
  6. Launch Product #1 or Product #2

The licensing error, as shown below appears:

User-added image

If a user encounters this issue, check the file version of the four files below:

a. Common files location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\AdLM\R7\

User-added image

Note: This is incorrect version of the adlmact.dll & adlmact_libFNP.dll.

b. Program files location: product install directory, such as C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\, or C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2014\Bin\. You can search adlmint_libFNP.dll under C:\Program Files\Autodesk\#Product name#\ if you can’t find it easily.

User-added image

Note: This is incorrect version of the adlmact.dll & adlmact_libFNP.dll.

c. For item b) above, if adlmint.dll version is, instead of in the screenshot, those two files are compatible of RTM version.

File version compatible combinations:

  adlmact_libFNP.dll, adlmint_libFNP.dll
adlmint.dll (Release version) × (incompatible) × (incompatible) √ (Service Pack version)


There are 2 solutions available, either of them can help you to resolve the license issue.

Option #1:
Uninstall and reinstall the Service Pack (any of the Service Pack if you have more than one) that you want to keep. This will restore the mismatched file versions to the correct one.

Option #2:
Copy and replace files manually

1.  Download the LicenseCrash.zip attachment below, unzip to your local drive, and then unzip the 32-bit or 64-bit package according to your platform.

2.  Unzip the package

3.  Close all running Autodesk products

4.  Stop the FlexNet Licensing Service from the Task Manager:

  • Click Start → Run
  • Type taskmgr and the Windows Task Manager will open.
  • In the Windows Task Manager, on the Services Tab, right-click FlexNet Licensing Service → Stop Service.

5. Replace the following 5 files from the unzipped folder into the following locations:

a.  Replace adlmact_libFNP.dll and adlmact.dll with the ones (version and in the unzipped folder.

User-added image

b. Replace adlmint_libFNP.dll and adlmint.dll with the ones (version and in the unzipped folder.

User-added image

Note: Most products put this file under the root folder of “\Program Files\Autodesk\#Product name#\” i.e. AutoCAD2014, but some other products put this file under subfolder, i.e. Inventor /Alias in \Program Files\Autodesk\#Product name#\Bin folder.

User-added image

c. Confirm and if necessary replace FNPLicensingService.exe with the one in the unzipped folder to avoid file version incompatible issue.

User-added image

6. Launch your products.

For further maintenance

If you encounter the same issue after maintenance of your product, such as uninstall another patch, you may need to re-execute this solution.




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