Task Scheduler Error Reporting Tool

Nov 1, 2014



When you work with Task Scheduler you find it tedious to scan through the Task Scheduler log file to locate particular errors. This can be time-consuming especially for larger log files or when using Task Scheduler frequently.



The tool offered in this technical article stores the various failure types into a single spreadsheet and allows you to quickly scan for errors within a particular task. In the screenshot a migration task is shown as example.

Here are the steps to use the tool

  1. Select the “Taskscheduler.mdb” file in the first field.
    Task Scheduler uses this Access database file to store not only the tasks itself but also to record the errors.
    For the 2012 release, this mdb file is located in folder:
        “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2012\Task Scheduler”
      (on Windows 7 and Vista)


        “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2012\Task Scheduler”  (on Windows XP)
  2. This tool is not version specific. Replace the string “2012” with the version of Inventor you are working with.
  3. Select the Task Type you are interested in
  4. Select the Task Name for the task that you want to report the errors for.
    By default “All Tasks” are selected.
  5. Provide a location and name for the Excel file that is used to report the errors.
  6. Click the “Report” button
  7. Following dialog will be show when done. Click the “Yes” button to open the Excel file.

  8. Browse through the different sheets for particular error types

Note: This tool is provided as-is with no guarantees for support if issues arise with it.

You can download the tool here.


Task_Scheduler_Error_Reporting_Tool.zip (zip - 569Kb)


AutoCAD Design Suite;Factory Design Suite;Inventor;Inventor Factory Advanced;Inventor Factory Premium;Inventor Professional