Autodesk Inventor Hardware Graphics Database

Oct 31, 2014


Autodesk Inventor® team makes every effort to select the most reliable and functional setting for all users. You might encounter problems that we cannot support if you modify settings without our advice. The Inventor Graphics database is for use with the drivers documented on this site. We have a high degree of confidence that current Inventor® certifications will work with previous Inventor® releases.


To Update Inventor's Graphics Database

The update applies to Autodesk Inventor® versions R11 and newer:

  1. This will add the latest certified drivers.
  2. Using an older version of Inventor with a newer certification is OK. For example, a driver certified in R2011 is also considered certified in R2010 with the appropriate database update.

Extract the files and place them into <Inventor Install directory>\Inventor xxx\Configuration. (Replace xxx with your Inventor version number.)

Graphics Database as of 07/13/2011


Inventor;Inventor Factory Advanced;Inventor Factory Premium;Inventor Professional;Product Design Suite