Inventor 2014 Tutorials

Jan 28, 2014

Download additional Inventor 2014 tutorials here. This exciting learning environment runs inside the Inventor application and leads you through tutorials with step by step video, supporting text and model files, and in-canvas visual clues linked to the text.

After you install the new tutorials, they appear in the Interactive Tutorial list in the Welcome screen and Get Started tab.

Be sure to activate the Interactive Tutorials project file before using the tutorials.

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Drawing Series

What you will learn (txt - 1Kb)
Introduction to Drawings (exe - 10102Kb)
Install instructions_Drawing Tutorial (txt - 0Kb)
Annotate Drawings (exe - 12502Kb)
Install Instructions_Annotate (txt - 0Kb)
Document an Assembly (exe - 19643Kb)
Install Instructions_Document an Assembly (txt - 0Kb)

Other tutorials

Inventor to Revit (RFA) (exe - 128801Kb)
Install instructions_Revit Tutorial (txt - 0Kb)

Tutorial Data Set Files

Download the tutorial data set files referenced in the Inventor 2014 Tutorials and the instructions to install them.

Tutorial Data Set Files by Tutorial Learning Resource Sections