Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology 2012 Service Pack 2

Jun 19, 2011  |  Download

This service pack fixes or addresses a variety of issues in Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology 2012. Service Pack 2 can be applied to either Inventor Fusion Technology 2012 or Inventor Fusion Technology 2012 Service Pack 1. Please refer to the readme file for installation instructions and a summary of issues addressed.

Fusion_2012_SP2_x32.msp (msp - 25500Kb)
Fusion_2012_SP2_x64.msp (msp - 28806Kb)

Readme Files

English (htm - 29Kb)
German (htm - 31Kb)
French (htm - 32Kb)
Italian (htm - 31Kb)
Spanish (htm - 31Kb)
Japanese (htm - 32Kb)
Korean (htm - 30Kb)
Traditional Chinese (htm - 29Kb)
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