Smoke can no longer export after installing Maya

Nov 1, 2014


You have installed Maya on a Smoke workstation and now you are no longer able to export, generate proxies or cache source media in Smoke.



This issue may be due to the fact that Maya's version of Backburner overwrote Smoke's version of Backburner.
Smoke requires Backburner for media export, proxy generation and source media caching.

Perform the following procedure to restore Smoke's Backburner:

  1. Exit Smoke.
  2. Open the Service Monitor app and stop both Backburner Services:
  3. Open the Terminal app and type:
    pkgutil --packages | grep backburner | sudo xargs -L1 pkgutil --forget
  4. Enter your password when asked.
  5. Type the following command:
    sudo rm -rf /usr/discreet/backburner/
  6. Open the Smoke installation disk image.
  7. Right click Install Smoke and select Show package contents from the context menu:

  8. A Finder window opens.
  9. Go into the Contents > Resources > dist subfolder.
  10. Find the backburner.installer-<version>_i386.mpkg file and double click it.
  11. An installer will open. Go through the installation process.
  12. When the installation completes, find the autodesk.mio.installer-<version>.x86_64.mpkg file and double click it to install it.
  13. When the mio installation has completed, open the Service Monitor app and restart the two Backburner services.
  14. Open Smoke and attempt to export something to confirm that Backburner now works properly.