Autodesk A360 FAQs

Sep 25, 2014


Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Autodesk® A360 and its tiers – A360 Team, A360 Drive and the Tech Preview.


General product information

What is Autodesk A360?

Autodesk A360 is a cloud-based, collaboration platform that provides design and engineering teams a centralized platform to work together on projects more efficiently.

What is Autodesk A360 Team?

A360 Team is the paid version of A360.

What is Autodesk A360 Drive?

A360 Drive is the new name for the existing Autodesk 360 file, storage, and sharing product.

How is A360 different than Autodesk 360

The Autodesk 360 product you knew is now renamed A360 Drive. Autodesk A360 is the umbrella term for all A360 related products.

How is A360 Team different from other collaboration products?

Unlike other collaboration tools, A360 puts the project in the center and is built to support design and engineering workflows.

Product detail and availability

What are all the different versions of the A360 family? (See Chart below)

Version Projects Team Members Project Contributors Storage Price Availability Notes
A360 Team Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB/Member (Pooled at the team level) $10/member/month annual subscription
$15/member/month monthly subscription
Autodesk Store & through select partners (annual subscription only)
For purchase in North America Only
A360 Team is only available as a standalone Cloud Service Subscription.
A360 Team is not a Maintenance or Desktop Subscription benefit.
A360 Team Try & Buy Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB/Member (Pooled at the team level) Free for 30 days Signup on Only one A360 Team trial per hub owner in 90 day period
A360 Free version 1 None Unlimited 5GB Free Offered to contributors who are invited to a project
Offered to those who complete an A360 Team trial and choose not to purchase
For those who move from an A360 Team trial to the free version, project and data migration is a manual process
A360 Tech Preview Unlimited None Unlimited Unlimited N/A Registration is closed
Tech Preview is available to existing participants until otherwise notified
Registration closed 9/3/2014
This was a beta of A360 Team
A360 Student Version Unlimited None Unlimited 25GB Free for students and educators EDU Portal If you are a student and participating in A360 Tech preview, you will not be able to create a separate A360 student version with the same Autodesk ID.
A360 Drive N/A N/A N/A 5GB with free account
25GB  with Subscription
N/A Included with Maintenance and Desktop subscription with select product and suites Formerly known as “Autodesk 360”, the legacy Autodesk 360 free account.
A360 Drive is a feature of A360, it is no longer available as a standalone service, it only comes with either a Desktop or Maintenance subscription.

In what regions is A360 Team available in?

A360 Team is currently available for purchase in North America only.

What languages is A360 Team available in?

English for now, however our plan is to localize for other countries as we scale.

Is A360 Team replacing A360 Drive?

Not at this time.

Can I use A360 Team with A360 Drive? Are they connected?

Currently, A360 Drive data is accessible from A360 Team, though they are separate products and are not synced. If a user has an existing A360 Drive account, the data in that account is available in the Data --> My Drive folder in A360 Team.

If I already have an A360 Drive account, am I able to get an A360 Team account?

Yes. You are able to use your same Autodesk ID to access both products.

Will A360 Team sync with the data in my existing A360 Drive?

Not at this time.

Where do I buy A360 Team?

Monthly and annual subscriptions of A360 Team are available on the Autodesk Store. Quarterly and annual subscriptions are available for purchase from authorized resellers.

Who can purchase A360 Team?

Anyone with a credit card in North America

If the purchaser and administrator of A360 Team are different, how does that work?

The purchaser of A360 Team is also known as the (Paid) Team Owner. They are the user that owns the license entitlement and the only one that purchase seats for the team. They can also be a Team administrator and can designate additional Team administrators. There can however only be ONE Team Owner.
The administrator of A360 Team, also known as the (Paid) Team administrator has full rights to all team projects and their contents. They can invite members and create new content, however, they don’t have rights to purchase. There can be more than one administer.

What are all the different role definitions and entitlements?

Role Category Create projects Browse and join team projects Invite team members Can Invite project contributors Can upload files Can “see” other Team members Can approve invitations made by other contributors Can approve and share public links Can purchase seats for team Paid Seat
Team Owner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Team Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Project Owner Yes Yes Yes (requires Team Admin approval) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Moderator Yes Yes Yes (requires Team Admin approval) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Contributor No No No Yes (requires Team Admin approval) Yes No No No No No
View Only No No No No No No No No No No

Pricing and packaging

How much does A360 Team cost?

A360 Team is available as a Cloud Service Subscription. Cost is $15 per member/month on a monthly subscription and $10 per member/month on an annual plan.

Do I get cloud credits with my A360 Team purchase?

No, A360 Team currently does not include any services that consume cloud credits.

What does my A360 Team license entitle me to?

10 GB storage per member, unlimited projects, unlimited contributors and Autodesk Basic support.

Is there a free version of A360 Team?

No, there is however an A360 Team 30-day free trial version. See A360 Team Try-and-Buy section for more information.

How do I purchase/add more members to my hub?

Purchase A360 from your reseller or through the Autodesk Store. When you purchase A360 Team, you become the Team Owner. As the Team Owner you can add more Team Members by signing in to your hub.

Can I replace one A360 Team member with another, as long as I stay within my subscription entitlement? How do I do this?

Yes, in order to do this you’d have to first “deactivate” a current team member and then add in the new one via an Invite.

Does each collaborator I invite have to purchase an A360 Team license as well?

No. Only A360 Team Members require a paid subscription. The subscription account creator, called the Team Owner, is responsible for payment. Project Contributors can be invited into your projects and can collaborate for free. Project Contributors are only required to create a free A360 account to participate.

Does each collaborator I add get their own A360 Team hub?

No, not unless they want their own paying A360 Team site. A360 Team Members that you invite will be part of your Team hub. They’ll have the ability to store their own data and will have their own dashboard within your Team hub.
Project Contributors/Moderators who are invited to participate in a project by the team Members will have free access only to the project(s) that they’re invited to. If a Project Contributor/Moderator that has been invited into a project by a Team Member wants to set up their own paid A360 Team Site, they can certainly do so.

Does A360 Team fully replace the A360 that comes as part of your paid Subscription entitlement?

No, A360 Team does not replace your per “named user” 25GB of A360 storage that you currently receive as part of your paid Maintenance or Desktop subscription entitlement. They are two separate products currently. There currently isn’t an A360 Team offering that is exclusive to Maintenance or Desktop Subscription customers.

Will users have to pay for A360 Team in addition to their Subscription?

Yes, A360 Team is a paid Cloud Service Subscription offering. It is not an included benefit for Maintenance or Desktop Subscription customers.

Will A360 be removed from Subscription entitlements and become a paid solution on top of Subscription?

The A360 benefits currently included in Maintenance and Desktop Subscription do not  change, customers retain 25 GB of cloud storage per named user.  Any existing A360 Drive account remains intact and the Subscription entitlements remains the same. A360 Team is not a Maintenance or Desktop Subscription benefit at this time.

A360 Team Try and Buy

How do I try A360 Team?

A360 Team has a free 30-day trial at Trial users will have access to the full set of features and functionality.

If I decide to purchase A360 Team after my trial, am I able to buy a subscription for the same instance I have in my trial?


What happens at the end of the trial if I decide not to purchase at this time? Will I still have access to my data? Will I still be able to collaborate with my team members?

Yes, if you choose not to purchase at the end of your 30 day trial, you have the option to create a free A360 account (this account is not connected to the A360 Team trial, so your data would need to be moved manually). The free version is limited to 1 project and 5GB of storage

What if I’m a Student, what is my situation for using A360? With Fusion 360 I’m able to sign up for 3 years free, is it the same with A360 Team?


Am I able to purchase A360 Team before my trial concludes?

Yes, you can purchase A360 Team at any time during your trial at

Autodesk Tech Preview

What is the difference between the A360 Tech Preview and A360 Team?

The A360 Tech Preview was the beta program for A360 Team. It ended with the launch of A360 Team and no new registrations were accepted after 9/3/2014.

Am I able to turn my A360 Tech Preview account into an A360 Team trial?

The A360 Tech Preview is not directly connected to A360 Team (including the A360 Team trial). Projects and data would need to be moved manually. Tech Preview users are able to do an A360 Team trial without any impact to their existing Tech Preview hub and projects.

Am I able to buy a license for my A360 Tech Preview instance?

Not at this time. For existing Tech Preview participants, the Tech Preview version of A360 will remain accessible and free to use until otherwise specified by Autodesk.

If I am not ready to begin a 30-day trial and/or have not yet made a decision to purchase, am I able to stay in the Tech Preview, and for how long

Yes. If you are an existing Tech Preview participant, you are welcome to continue using the A360 Tech Preview as you have been. There is no end date currently for when we’ll discontinue or shut down the Tech Preview sites. When that happens we’ll give you plenty of notice, and have a smooth transition plan for your data as well to move to A360 Team.

What features are available in A360 Team that are not available in A360 Tech Preview?

Tech Preview does not include members. Only the hub creator can create projects and invite participants. Members of an A360 Team hub have visibility into all of the projects, are able to create projects and invite collaborators. Additionally, any hub member can be assigned as a project moderator. On the Tech Preview, only the hub creator is able to create and moderate projects.

The A360 Mobile App

How does the A360 mobile app work with A360 Team?

The A360 mobile app allows you to access all the hubs which are connected to your account. Whether you purchased the subscription for A360 Team, using the trial for A360 team or simply using the free version of A360, all the projects, data and activities will be available for you through the mobile app.

How does the A360 mobile app work with Fusion 360?

All your Fusion 360 projects and activities are accessible and viewable to you from the A360 mobile app. You’ll be able to track the changes and activities that occur in your projects, view your design files, search and query your data.

Does the mobile app still work with my existing A360 Drive account?

Absolutely, the mobile app supports the data you have in your projects along with the data you have in your A360 Drive. Once you sign in to the mobile app using your account, you’ll be able to easily navigate between your projects or your A360 Drive data.

Does the new A360 mobile app replace the old A360 mobile app?

Yes, the old A360 app has been removed from the store and we have published a new version of the app with better performance, smoother experience and many new features. We plan to continuously add new features and improvements to the new app.

Why are there two A360 mobile apps on my device?

The new A360 mobile app does not run over the older app, so if you had the old app installed, it will still be available on your device.

What operating systems does the A360 mobile app support?

We currently are supporting IOS only.

What is the difference between the old A360 mobile app and the new one?

If you’ve used the older app, you’ll see the differences right away. The new app has a beautiful, friendly interface that welcomes you to the app. You’ll also see the emphasis on projects instead of just files and folders. We have also invested heavily in the performance of the new app, the current app supports over 100 different file formats and can support and view small, medium and large designs. In addition to performance, you’ll notice many new features like search, parts hierarchy and screenshot sharing. There are also some pretty interesting features which are coming up soon like markups, measurements and a whole lot more so stay tuned.

Will there be any more updates to the old A360 mobile app?

The old A360 mobile app has been replaced with the new version of the app that is currently in the App Stores. All the functionality that was available in the older app is also available in the new app or will be available in it very soon. We are not planning to deploy any additional updates to the older version of the app.

Compatibility and interoperability

Is Technical support available for A360 Team?

Autodesk Basic Support is available for A360 Team subscribers. Community support is available for trial and free users via our online forums at under A360 products.

Which browsers are required for 2D viewing in A360 Team?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Which browsers are required for 3D viewing in A360 Team?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

What if I want to collaborate with someone who already has A360 Team- do they count as one of my members? Do I count as one of their members?

It depends on the entitlement.
If you add them as a Project Contributor to one or more of your projects then NO, they wouldn’t be a paid Team Member and therefore would be a free member of your site and would only be able to participate in those project(s) you’ve invited them to within your hub.
If you add them as a Team Admin, Team Member, Project Owner or Project Moderator, then yes, they would count as one of your paid members. See How much does A360 Team cost?.

Can users that are free Project Contributors in one or many projects also have their own paid A360 Team site at the same time?

Yes, there is no restriction that would prohibit someone from being a free Project Contributor of one/many projects, at the same time that they have their own paid site and inviting their own free Project Contributors to their projects.

What file sizes can be uploaded with A360 Team?

The size limitation in A360 Team is 2GB per file.

What file types can be uploaded and viewed with A360 Team?

See current list:

Is A360 secure?

Autodesk A360 is built on a reliable, protected technology infrastructure specifically built just for cloud computing to provide individuals and companies with the level of features and services you need when you need them – securely – and to protect your data while it’s stored in the cloud and while it is in transit.

For more information, read our Autodesk Trust Center.

Where can I find help for A360?

Check out the A360 Community page, which have a lot of helpful links and great information on A360 and all its services.


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