FAQ for A360 Drive

Sep 9, 2014

FAQ for A360 Drive

Where can I get the latest version of Autodesk 360 desktop?

  • Please visit this link, http://autodesk.com/A360desktopReleases, to find release notes and latest version of Autodesk 360 desktop. We recommend users keep up to date to take advantage of performance and stability improvements.

Why can't I sign in to A360 Drive?

  • If you see the error message, “Requested service not available”, confirm that you have an active Internet connection.
  • If the system settings are correct, it may be a server issue. Wait a while and try again.

Why can't I sign in to A360 Drive from within my AutoCAD-based product?

  • Many local conditions can disrupt access. From your product or from the A360 Drive desktop, sign out of A360 Drive. Restart the computer and try signing in to A360 Drive again to restore access.

Why can't I watch videos without downloading them?

  • Your browser may need the Adobe Flash Player to support the online viewing of some videos, such as MP4 files. Support for different video formats varies among browsers. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Apple Safari natively support MP4 videos, but Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera require Flash Player.

Why aren't items in shared folders shown in my search results?

  • Currently, the A360 Drive cloud service can only search for shared items if they are in My Cloud Documents.

What can I do when I run out of storage space?

  • Consider emptying your A360 Drive Trash folder. Items stored in the Trash folder count as part of your storage quota.
  • Claim your storage space. If you are an Autodesk Subscription customer, you may be entitled to 25 GB of storage space. To access all the storage space available to you, from A360 Drive, in the upper-right corner, click your Autodesk ID name and choose Account Details. At the bottom of Your Account page, click Enable Your Subscription Benefits. Follow the instructions.

How big can a document be and still be uploaded successfully to A360 Drive online storage?

  • Currently we recommend uploading documents smaller than 2 GB for the best results.

How big can a document be and still be viewed successfully?

  • Viewing documents stored in the cloud with a desktop web browser or on a mobile device depends on many factors. File size, file complexity, and connectivity are some examples. We recommend viewing documents 15 MB or smaller for the best experience.

Why can't I view some of my DWF and DWFx files on A360 Drive?

  • The files may be protected. Such DWF and DWFx files can't be viewed on A360 Drive. We recommend republishing an unprotected version of each file and uploading them again to see if that resolves the issue.

Why are RAAS files in my documents list?

  • When you render a document or when a rendered document has been shared with you using the Rendering service, the rendered images are shown in your A360 Drive documents list as RAAS files. You can share your rendered images with your connections, as well as comment on them.

What is Autodesk Sync?

  • Many Autodesk 2013 products include a desktop software component called Autodesk Sync. It enables you to open documents from and save documents to A360 Drive online storage from within the product.

Can I choose my own sync desktop location?

  • No.

Why do I keep getting sync errors?

What is the Autodesk 360 folder location on my computer?

  • The Autodesk 360 folder is the desktop companion to the A360 Drive cloud service (for Mac, this is only supported with AutoCAD). It runs on the desktop as an application in the taskbar notification area, and automatically syncs local documents with those stored in the A360 Drive cloud service. With Autodesk 360 desktop, you can control sync settings and leverage the convenience and power of A360 Drive to store and share documents without workflow interruption.

Why can't I find the Autodesk 360 folder location on my computer?

  • The Autodesk 360 folder location is available only to customers who have Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2014 (Windows and Mac), Autodesk® Inventor® 2014 (Windows only), and Autodesk® Showcase® 2014 (Windows only).

What's the difference between signing out of and exiting the Autodesk 360 drive?

  • Exiting stops the Autodesk 360 drive from syncing items with the A360 Drive cloud service. You can still see the items listed in Windows Explorer or the Finder. Signing out disconnects your Autodesk Account from the desktop, enabling you or another person to sign in on the same computer.

Why do I have an Automatic Copy folder in my Autodesk 360 folder?

  • In AutoCAD Online options, when you select Enable Automatic Sync, AutoCAD creates the Automatic Copy folder. Any drawing edited and saved in AutoCAD goes in this folder. Also, when dragging and dropping AutoCAD drawings to the A360 Drive drive, AutoCAD puts the linked files into this folder to mimic your folder structure (not supported on Mac).

In Windows, why doesn't the Autodesk 360 folder behave like other folders?

Because it is used to sync documents and folders, the Autodesk 360 folder has some known differences:

  • Folders that contain file types excluded from syncing show an action failed icon.
  • New documents and folders, especially large ones, may not show immediately within the A360 Drive drive.
  • For each new item added to the A360 Drive drive, your Autodesk ID name will show up in the Owner column after the item has synced the first time.
  • The context menu for a newly added item won't show the Share option until after the item has synced the first time and you refresh the view in Windows Explorer.
  • Single-clicking items to open them is not allowed in the A360 Drive drive.
  • The Windows Explorer toolbar and context menus are limited.
  • The file list defaults to the Details view.

What do the different Autodesk 360 icons mean in the taskbar notification area?

  • Currently signed in.
  • Action paused.
  • Changes synced successfully.
  • Changes not synced successfully.
  • Product update available.
  • Currently signed out.
  • Spinning icon indicates sync in progress.

What do the different file status icons mean in the Autodesk 360 folder?

NOTE:These icons are only supported in Windows at this time.
  • Document sync in progress.
  • Document synced successfully.
  • Document cannot be synced.
  • No status icon indicates an excluded file type that won't be synced.

How do I shut down Autodesk 360 desktop on the Mac?

  • In the System Menu bar, there is an icon when Autodesk 360 running. To shut it down gracefully, click the icon to show the context menu, and choose Exit.

How do I pause Autodesk 360 desktop on the Mac?

  • Unless explicitly shut down, the sync process runs at launch. The file sync service periodically triggers and file transfers continue until changes are resolved. To pause the sync service, click the icon in the System Menu bar and choose Pause Sync.

How do I uninstall Autodesk 360 desktop from the Mac?

  • Unlike the Windows version, there is no uninstaller for Autodesk 360 desktop on the Mac. It's an "all-in-one" bundle. To uninstall it, just go to the installation folder, "/Application/Autodesk" and drag Autodesk 360.app to the trash.

How do I completely remove Autodesk 360 desktop from the Mac?

  • To completely remove it, after removing the installed components, you also need explicitly delete the local Autodesk 360 folder and cached data. Navigation to the local Autodesk 360 folder in the Finder under Favorites. Under Autodesk 360, delete your user name sub-folder then delete the remaining Autodesk 360 folder tree.

Why can’t I view my Showcase presentation?

  • The HTML presentation file created by some versions of Showcase may not be correctly linked to its accompanying files (for instance, FLV and XML files). To avoid this problem, use Showcase 2013 SP4 or later to create presentations.