Using the Borrowing tab in LMTOOLS

Nov 1, 2014


You want to know how to use the Borrowing tab in LMTOOLS to manage license borrowing for Autodesk products.



The Borrowing tab in LMTOOLS is not used with Autodesk products. Using this tab may cause unexpected results (including the potential for lost licenses). The Borrowing tab exists in LMTOOLS to support other vendor's products. While some users have been successful using the Borrow tab in LMTOOLS with Autodesk products, it is not tested or supported and has caused issues for users in the past.

Borrowed licenses can be determined by the existence of a LINGER value listed in the Status Enquiry (Server Status > Perform Status Enquiry). This LINGER value is the remaining borrow period listed in seconds. To convert value to days, divide the linger value by 86400. For example, a linger value of 1000000 is about 11.6 days.

Borrowed licenses can only be returned early from within the application that they were borrowed. Borrowed licenses cannot be returned early from LMTOOLS.

Additional license borrowing controls must be implemented using an options file for Autodesk products. The settings on the Borrow tab will not work. With an options file you can specify the maximum borrow period, control who can borrow licenses, and set how many licenses can be borrowed. Options files are powerful and they can also be used to control much more than just license borrowing. For a full list of available options file commands and syntax, please see the related solution: TS1055247-Controlling network license access using an options file.