How to disable Autodesk Sync

Nov 1, 2014


You cannot uninstall Autodesk Sync from the Control Panel but you do not want your products Syncing your information to the Cloud.


To uninstall the Autodesk Sync component, you must first uninstall all the Autodesk products that rely on the component and then uninstall Autodesk Sync. (Re-installing products will also re-install the component.) So if you want to still have the newer Autodesk products installed, but don't want to have them using the Autodesk Sync functionality, you will need prevent the Autodesk Applications from using this component in an alternative way.   

Alternative to Uninstalling Products that Use Autodesk Sync

Autodesk Sync is a desktop software component of the Autodesk 360 cloud platform. Some Autodesk desktop applications rely on this technology to move data between the local desktop environment and Autodesk 360.

  • AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2013 Vertical Products use Autodesk Sync for Customization Sync, Online Documents, and the Share Document feature.
  • Inventor 2013 uses Autodesk Sync when you choose Save & Send to Cloud.
  • Showcase 2013 uses Autodesk Sync when you choose Publish > To Web.

Rather than uninstalling the Autodesk applications that rely on Autodesk Sync, below there are two suggestions for keeping Autodesk Sync installed, but preventing the Autodesk applications from using the component.

Sign out of your Autodesk Account

Autodesk Sync only synchronizes data when signed in to your Autodesk Account--and even then, only when you use features that rely on the component.

The simplest way to keep Autodesk Sync from running at all on your computer is to sign out of your Autodesk Account. You can tell if you are signed in because your Autodesk ID will appear in the InfoCenter (AutoCAD and Inventor) or in the status bar at the bottom of the main window, (Showcase). If you see the words, "Sign In" instead your Autodesk ID, the sync component will not run – it only runs when there is a signed in user.

Note: Your Autodesk Account Sign In is linked globally to every Autodesk application. If you sign out in any application, say AutoCAD, for example, you will be automatically signed out from every other Autodesk application on the same computer.

Don’t use the Autodesk 360 Features

AutoCAD and AutoCAD vertical products

Instructions to disable Autodesk 360 after signing in:

  • Go to the Options dialog.
  • Choose the Online Tab.
  • Uncheck  “Enable Cloud Storage.”
  • Uncheck “Sync my settings with the Cloud.”
  • Click OK to close the Options dialog.


Instructions to not use Autodesk 360 after signing in:

  • Do not use the feature “Save and Send to Cloud”  in the Online panel.


Instructions to not use Autodesk 360 after signing in:

  • Do not use the feature "Publish Web Presentation..." in the File Menu.
  • Do not use the feature "Pbulish > To Web" in the task UI.


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