Script errors in AutoCAD-based software

Dec 9, 2014


You encountered scripting errors in your AutoCAD®-based software when you tried to:

  • authorize the product
  • access the online Help
  • access the Getting Started Guide


These errors indicate a problem or security restriction in Internet Explorer. This AutoCAD®-based software functionality is built upon Microsoft Internet Explorer technology. 

To resolve these errors, try the suggestions listed below.

  • In Microsoft® Internet Explorer, set the security level settings to the default level for all zones.
  • Apply all service packs, critical updates, and security updates available for Internet Explorer.
  • In Internet Explorer, empty the Temporary Internet Files folder.
  • Clean out your temporary folders for your user account and the operating system. (To access the Temp folder, enter %temp% in the Address box in Windows Explorer)
  • Apply the latest service packs for your operating system:
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2
    • Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
  • If you are experiencing problems Registering or Activating your software, try the function in How to perform a diagnostic startup in Windows.
  • Download and apply the following update for Java from Sun: Java Update.
  • If you are using an AutoCAD 2006 or an older product with Internet Explorer 7 or newer, you may need to downgrade Internet Explorer to version 6.1 SP1 for compatibility. AutoCAD 2006 and older products were not tested in combination with Internet Explorer 7.

If these suggestions do not resolve the errors, refer to to see if specific fixes exist for your product or contact your system administrator or IT professional.