Registration error after using imaging software to distribute MSSA licensed product

Nov 1, 2014


You distributed a multiseat standalone (MSSA) licensed product using machine imaging software, such as Symantec Ghost. The first 5 machines started without errors. However, all susequent machines displayed registration error 10 when the product was launched.



When you use multiseat standalone activation technology, each computer must have a unique hardware signature. If the Autodesk product is run on the master or template machine that was used to create the image, the hardware identifier will be included with the machine image. As a result, each machine will seem identical to the Autodesk registration server and registration error 10 will occur after the fifth activation.

It is strongly recommended that network licensing is used in imaged environments. This keeps the license separate from the client workstation and circumvents the need for online activation.

You should refer to updated documentation in the Network Administrator's Guide on the product media for details on distributing Autodesk products using machine imaging technology.

If you are an educational institution affilitiated with the Autodesk Design Institute (ADI), formally Autodesk Comprehensive Educational Solution (ACES), or the Autodesk Design Academy (ADA), please refer to specific documentation provided with the software package.